Monday, May 25, 2015

Gandhi - You are Sorely Missed

GANDHI you are surely missed

You chose peace over the darkness,
you offered up some hope to a world
lost within its bloody escapades
and endless cycles of retribution.

You chose simplicity and
unraveled your opponents by the
strength of your will and the
sheer power of numbers.

You chose a path where
compassion reigns and
love is the insurmountable
lever of change.

The human world was not ready then
to follow your guiding steps
to a better place,
it is not ready now
so inured are we to the
alluring potency of the sword that
brings us nothing but grief.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Definitions of War

Human conflict continues to circle the planet and enliven the darkness within the human world.  War may have many definitions.

Put succinctly -

Humanity's black hole,
ultimate testimonial to human failure,
great wheel of despair,
end of reason,
abyss of the soul,
mother’s lament,
outrageous waste of the possible,
assassin of the future.