Friday, January 12, 2024

A Question


It is now 2024 – the year of my 80th birthday. To this date (January 3, 2024) the human world is just as crazy as ever. The propensity of Homo sapiens to slaughter members of their own species has continued unabated since the dawn of human civilization. Racial, cultural, religious, and ideological differences seem to drive this horrific behavior even though, science has clearly shown that humans regardless of nation of origin, color of skin, differences in ethnicity are all members of the same human family.

The slaughter continues even though science has unequivocally demonstrated that, as a concept, race is a mythological construct. Two major wars are raging on the planet, and the carnage that is resulting from these conflicts is difficult to fathom. These wars are fine examples of the apparent inability of humanity to resolve differences other than through violent means.

As a direct result of the staggering economic, social and psychological impact that war engenders, humans are regressing and, as a result, are failing to thrive. Even though it is abundantly clear that the heartfelt acceptance of the recognition that we all members of the same human family would lead to a remarkably different and life-affirming future, we continue to behave in a way that ensures the horrific burden of human suffering of the kind that is unnecessary and stultifying.

From this reality, the question I would like to pose is the following – “Will we as a species ever truly learn from the lessons of our own history that our tendency towards violent behavior will ultimately undermine our collective future? There is, after all, no reasonable alternative to peace.

I realize that there is no answer to this singular question; I also know that it has been asked innumerable times in the past from all over this beleaguered planet. Humans, after all, are complex and often inexplicable creatures and the future destiny of humanity remains elusive.

I persist in my determination to live with my eyes wide open. After all, the reality of the human condition is the essential truth we can rely on and the study of history our truest ally and guide.