Sunday, December 18, 2011

Regarding the Future of the Human Species

In my mind, the greatest challenge that faces the species in the 21st century is the issue of climate change.  It will prove to be the essential test as to whether the species is intelligent enough to recognize its culpability in endangering the life of the planet with the detritus of what is referred to as human progress; assume the appropriate responsibility for the consequences of its collective behavior, begin to seriously address the issue with the appropriate remedies in a timely fashion with the future in mind, or continue along its destructive path and suffer the undeniable fate.  If the past and present history of the species in regards to its capacity for stewardship of the planetary environment is any indicator than the real character of the future is sadly predictable.  With the optimism of Desmond Tutu in mind, what we need is a transfiguration on a global scale.  It is my fondest hope that such a monumental and unexpected change in human behavior occurs and radically alters human destiny.

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