Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hope Springs Eternal

Living can be such a torturous, tormenting and painful experience at times.  And yet, it is, after all, a transcending, powerful and wondrous sojourn.  Within the magnificent caldron of self, we move about with a kind of reckless endeavor and energy.  We hunger for the transcendent; we crave admiration and affection like deranged love junkies.  We long for understanding and seek leadership that will guide us through the seemingly endless miasma.  The choices we make that are driven by such a compulsive desire to be saved are usually disastrous. 

In our thirst for solace, we plunder the earth for its treasures.  We are all members of an unfinished species that is awed and persuaded by the power of mindless emotion.  We are the prisoners of our own lack of imagination.  Given these imperfections and in spite of them, there remains that alluring and still possible future of a planet where the dominant species is no longer the destroyer and purveyor of ruinous chaos, but the keeper of a peaceful and harmonious Earth. 

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