Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Stupidity Principle

It is readily apparent that many parts of the human world are in the midst of ethnic, political and economic turmoil.  The chaos that such turmoil engenders results in violent aggression, terrorism and war.  I attribute this behavior to what I refer to as the Stupidity Principle.  The essential feature of this principle inexorably leads to behavior that runs counter to the present and future viability of the species.

The stupidity principle can be ascribed to the following attributes –
  • Uncompromising adulation for the victors of war and not its needless victims.
  • Sanctification of machines of cold steel and massive explosive power capable of unleashing destructive energy of immense proportions resulting in mayhem and death.   This apparent love of the weapons of war seems oblivious to the financial burden that they impose upon the human community and the cost in lives and ultimately civilization that result in their use.
  • Creation of tributaries of blood and needless sacrifice and mounds of shattered limbs and lifeless corpses in the hollow name of religion or state.
  • Obsessive allegiance to wealth, fame and fortune while the plight of the nameless armies of the poor and dispossessed remains unattended.
  • Reckless destruction of the natural environment for the purpose of the endless and often mindless pursuit of material progress and the maintenance of lives of convenience and comfort.  The unsustainable “plenty” so derived may well lead to a dismal future for humanity’s children marooned upon a poisoned planet.
  • Libertarian “true” belief in the absolute supremacy of the individual and the mindless pursuit of self-interest regardless of the real cost to the human community.  Adherence to such a belief system is nothing but an insipid justification for the inequitable distribution of wealth and the squandering of public resources for private gain.
  • Prejudice in all its forms whether it be based upon religion, political belief, racial or ethnic differences or sexual orientation – it is the uncompromising hatred that bigotry often engenders that is the root cause for so much suffering and violent aggression.

The human community needs to actively divest itself of such a principle if we hope to leave a peaceful and viable world for our children.  There is no time like the present.

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